Personal stories from courageous men who have survived prostate cancer and authoritative medical insights help readers make the right decisions for themselves

"My philosophy is to devote myself completely to caring for the individual patient. The fulfillment I gain by my actions as one human being administering to another essentially is that of knowing I was able to make a positive difference for somebody else"

Arthur L. Burnett II, M.D.

"Nothing lifts my spirits higher or gives me greater satisfaction than knowing I have helped a man deal with the medical and psychological devastation presented by prostate cancer. Life is too short and precious to squander."

Norman Morris

Arthur L. Burnett II, M.D.
Norman S. Moriss

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"If you or a loved one have prostate cancer, this book will educate, support and encourage you."

- Robert Sealey, BSc, CA – SEAR Publications

"Good journalism is an early-warning system for the health of democracy and our own well-being and every man who reads this book will thank his lucky stars for it."

- Bill Moyers, PBS

"I know firsthand how hard it is for men to talk about their diseases—especially below-the-belt diseases—but this book shows us how to do just that, the first step in coping with and eventually conquering any disease."

- Bob Schieffer, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent

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