Prostate Cancer Survivor’s Speak is poised to make a big impact in the Prostate Health world.  We will be adding media mentions and information here in the near future.

For the latest information on prostate cancer and advances in research please check out the Hopkins James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute website:

You’ll find us on the Brady website, too!

Our Media Tour–Where We’ve Been:

3/31/2010  Voice of America  “The Kathryn Zox Show”

4/5/2010   KTOE-AM Morning Blend  Mankato, MN

4/8/2010   KKNW-AM  “The Catherine Bradford Show”  Seattle, WA

4/13/ 2010  WMET-AM  “The Kathryn Zox Lunchtime Talk Show” in Washington, DC

4/16/2010  “Bob Edwards Show” by  Public Radio International on Sirius XM Satellite Radio

4/16/2001  “WJLA-TV  “Newstalk”  Washington, DC

4/22/2010  “Aging Outside the Box” with Shirley Mitchell  Lighthouse Coastal Productions  Internet Radio 154 countries

The 700 Club with Pat Robertson  4/28/2010

WRFG-FM “Health Issues Today”  Atlanta, GA  5/12/2010   Host Asha Bumikar  30 minute live interview with Norman Morris.  Public Radio station.  Target audience largely Latin, African American, Asian and Caribbean communities.

Fox Strategy Room online TV  “Headline Health with Dr. Manny  4/16/2010  2:00 PM-3:00PM Norman Morris and  Dr.Arthur Burnett– panel members with Dr. Manny and Dr. David Samadi.

Part 1:

Part 2:

“Nurse Talk”  KKGN-AM Novato, CA  [coverage San Francisco, Oakland and environs] 5/22/2010  Dr. Burnett and Norman Morris converse with Casey Hobbs on general discussion of prostate cancer.

6/3/2010  “Ask Dr. DeSilva”  National Health Network   Dr. DeSilva looks at prostate cancer with Norman Morris

6/8/2010   American Medical Systems Health Seminar  Focus: prostate cancer aftereffects

6/15/2010  American Medical Systems Health Seminar  Focus: prostate cancer aftereffects

6/15/2010  My Fox28  “Good Day Columbus”  TV broadcast

Newspaper Stories

Montclair Times   4/1/2010

Washington Post “Health Scan” 4/6/2010

South Bend Tribune  4/13/2010

RealHealth: The Black Wellness Magazine 7/29/2010

9/28/2010    “One on One with Steve Adubato”

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